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Hi, Mi Name is Diego Lavín, I Studied International business in college, and was born in 1988.
I have come across several kind of businesses, because as we all know it’s always good to have different streams of income, and even more when we realize how the paper money looses it’s value day by day. I’ve even had people on my teams that got better results than I did.
What we are doing now is to fulfill a moral commitment we did with our self’s about letting the most amount of people know what are the best options for their future, and we know that having money in the bank is good to keep our savings, but we don’t always know what is the best way to keep our money safe from loosing it’s value, some people put in investment account, or retirement accounts, etc…how ever the interest rate they give you, is just to low to compete with the inflation, and devaluation of money.

So We have different options, buying real state, precious metals, businesses, etc… but really not a lot of us have the financial power to buy any of those.

And so what we are doing know is changing our paper money, for Gold Money, in little grams of gold, this way we can start saving way better, than in any kind of bank account, and to the reach of most of the population.
So your money Won’t keep loosing it’s value, but even increase it.

Even better, you can get to generate income (commissions) if you refer some people to do the same as you.

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Stop wasting money, and save in something real, and that will never loose it’s value.

Friends that have been somehow involved in OrganoGold, Amway, Herbalife, Xango, Zanky, sinergy, 4life, Usana, Monavie, Melaleuca, ACN, telexfree, Empower Network, Or any other Networking marketing company, or even if you are still in one, better yet; I have a great news for you, WE have found a GOLD mine!!, that’s right GOLD, we’ve found a company, with no monthly charges, you just enroll and during the hole lifetime, you’ll get paid as long as you work it or your team works it, Pays you in grams of gold, and in EUROS, so I think is better to keep saving gold, than having to buy coffee, vitamins, shakes, creams, etc… we all know gold value is not going anywhere, and paper money just keeps on loosing it’s value, So know you know, you can make business with our Gold network or just save in Gold Money instead of Paper Money.

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